Forth Day unterwegs

Forth Day unterwegs

Pulled Pork, Blues and Smug Face

Every now and then you learn something new. My Smug Face for example just appeared because the weather did (again) not turned out, as it was promised (as before).

This time we made it to the Mützingenta (by bike) and stayed close to dry.

What we already knew: A Trip to Sallahn is expected to be worth it – check out our very first video with Gerd from 2020. If you like the blues, we are referring to – it also is on that linked page.

We quite often passed the Wunderpunkt in Tüschau on our way to and back of that area but newer stopped. We definitely can recommend Tüschau as a small an cute place to stop, before you climb that mountain of the way to Lüchow. (… kidding – it is not more then a hill but hell – a long one!)

Plus: There are cute ways through the villages, too. You avoid car traffic and can enjoy the landscape. Join us at the timewarp-parts to find out yourself. We feel so sorry for the crafters, Wunderpunkt-Menschen and artists of this years KLP . And: We feel so blessed, getting dry stuff out of the cabinet. Locals do not mind the weather so much. Lucky us!