The first day unterwegs

Challange the day, dry the night

The KLP is more or less pending on the outside conditions. Of course there is no bad weather but just bad clothing At the end of the day it might end up cold and wet, anyhow. Not in the morning, not in the afternoon – although the challenging conditions startet in the night before with strong winds from the west.

We made it to Mützingen, Weitsche, Lübeln per Bike, ending up with 35 miles (56 Kilometers with heavy winds). The hard rain at night was just an icing on the cake of the first real KLP-Experiance since 2019.

We have some Impressions for you and I promise to become faster with the video-stuff (tomorrow)

Non or less: We enjoyed this first day a lot. We take this afternoon the next episode of these year KLP-Season. Join us at Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Thanks for your time and cu tomorrow!